Three Axes & Seven Axes


NYC Laser Cutting provides large format CNC cutting.
Cutting formats 1-3 axis cnc machining. Cutting up 5’x10′ Z axis clearance 8″ 2-7 Axis cnc machining. For a more complex machine operation, we can offer 6 axis robotic machining.

Our industrial robot’s large work envelope machining capabilities enables it to machine large scale complex forms that are often not achievable with traditional 3 and 5-axis machining technology.

3/4″ birch Baltic plywood framing and 2″ solid maple table top with beveled edge.

Decorative wood panel. Rift white oak solid wood laminated over 3/4″ rift white oak plywood.

Architectural component, Decorative molding 4″ thick Sapele solid wood.

3/4″ MDF figurines.

3/4″ Rift white oak plywood shelf with 60 degree miterĀ cuts.

Store Display in 3/4″ Medex. CNC 3d texture. Painted with white satin lacquer paint.

At we work with a wide variety of materials. We can help you select the right material for your project while keeping costs low. Please look at our material section for more details.