Partner with Us

NYC Laser Cut is a small part of a much larger and very vibrant entrepreneurial design culture here in New York City. Through this community we’ve met a lot of people who are doing incredibly interesting things. We have had the pleasure to work with a lot of these folks to turn their ideas into real products. Some of them are working hard to turn their ideas, concepts, designs and passion into either small, supplemental side-businesses or even full time jobs. We want to support this kind of design entrepreneurship as much as possible. To that end, we’re looking to form a series of mutually beneficial partnerships with small, local business around NYC that are looking for consistent, custom laser cutting, etching and engraving services.

If this sounds like something you or your business might be interested in, fill out the form below. Tell us a bit about what you’re doing and how we can help. When thinking through these kind of partnerships there are a ton of ways our businesses can potentially help each other out. In most cases we are able to offer some combination of the following:

  • Discounts for orders with specific volumes or frequencies
  • Discounts on samples and prototyping
  • We can refer customers to you
  • Mentions on our websites and social media properties
  • Special consulting services
  • Discover and implement very high volume projects
  • And more

Our aim is to help small, local design projects become successful and reach as large of a market as possible. By partnering with NYC Laser Cut, we can offer you a fast and affordable way to get your product to the market and grow your business.