Hello! Welcome to our laser cutting materials section. Although we do not carry all of these materials in stock, here you see the materials we can cut in our studio and learn about other materials that are compatible with laser cutting/ engraving in case you’d like to bring in your own materials for us to work with. The most common materials used in laser cutting are:



We laser cut up to 1/4″ thick plywood and laser engrave any thickness.


We laser cut up to 1/4″ thick MDF and laser engrave any thickness.


We can source and cut any cardboard: chipboard, temper board, museum board just name it.


We can cut up to 1/4″ solid wood and engrave any thickness you need and prepare stock to match your need. We can work with maple, Pine, walnut and Oak. Just name the species you are looking for your project.


We can cut a up to 1/4″ material and engrave any thickness.
Engraved areas will be white. Contrast depends on color/ opacity of the acrylic.
Laser cut acrylic has a smooth polished edge with no discoloring.
Used for custom and personalized objects such as signage, architecture models, invitations and more.


We can laser cut any type of fabric. Our large format laser cutter isĀ ideal to custom cut your garments.


We generally work from flat sheets of material. We stock many materials which are cataloged on this page. You are also welcome to supply materials to our studio. Materials can be ordered online and shipped to our studio, or can be dropped off to our Ridgewood location.

Laser Engraving

There are less limitations when engraving an object than if you are cutting through material. We can engrave objects that are up to 12″ in height. If you are looking to supply an object for laser engraving, the material/ object should be relatively flat and would need to fit in our 8’x4′ bed area.