Laser Cutting Acrylic

laser cutting acrylicAcrylic is a generic type of sheet polymer that is used broadly for many manufacturing purposes. It comes in a wide variety of colors (including transparent, semi-transparent and solid colors), sizes and thicknesses. Laser cutting acrylic is a great way to get a professional, custom manufactured product with a very high level of detail and accuracy.

Here at NYCLaserCut we have plenty of experience with acrylics, which are often referred to as plexiglass. Plexiglass is basically just branded term for a specific type of acrylic that is very commonly used due to it’s higher flexibility and strength than basic acrylic.

Acrylics are a very durable material that can will usually not succumb to any type of fading or discoloration up to about 7 to 10 years. This generally depends on the environment the acrylics are stored. Even in harsher environments, acrylics will generally hold up very well.

Acrylics also have the following advantages over other materials:

  • Good stain protection and washability
  • Waterproof
  • Work well with most adhesives
  • Very resistant to cracking and blistering

We’re able to both source all kinds of acrylics for your projects and work with materials that you have on hand. Let us know a bit about what you’d like to build and we can help guide you with material suggestions and laser cutting services. Below is a sample of the types of acrylics we commonly use. If you don’t see a color that you’d like to use, just ask us!

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